Ordinances & Regulations

(As approved by the Coordination Committee in its meeting 93 (25/10/2017) and 94 (10/05/2018)  Adopted by Vikram University in its EC meeting held on 27/06/2018)

Ordinance No. Common Ordinance for all Universities in M.P.
1. Students Union in Colleges and University Teaching Departments/School of Studies
2. University Students Union
3. Departments
4. Qualifications and the conditions for Appointment of Teachers and Other Academic Staff in The University Teaching Departments/Schools of Studies in Various Faculties/Subjects
4(C). Contractual Appointment of Teachers Under Self Financing Schemes
4(D). Contractual Appointment of Teachers Against Sanctioned Posts
6. Examinations (General)
7. Admission of Students to a College, University Teaching Department or School for Studies, Transfer for Students and Maintenance of Discipline
8. Enrollment of the Students and their admission to Course of Study
9. Condition for the award of Fellowship and Scholarship
10. Traveling Allowance and Daily Allowance
11. Doctor of Philosophy
12. Doctor of Letters/Science/Law
13. Master of Philosophy ( M.Phil.)
14. Choice Based Credit System
15. Memorandum of Understanding
17. Courses At Under Graduate Level (Annual System of Examination)

Oerdinace No.113, 114, 115, 116 [LLM, LLB, BALLB(H), BCOM.LLB(H)]



Adhisuchna dated 29-12-18

Ordinance No.5 – Conduct of Examination

Ordinance No.16 – Consultancy Services

Madhya Pradesh University Act – 1973 

Statute No.  Common Statutes for all Universities of Madhya Pradesh
Statute No.2 Power of The Kulpati
Statute No.4 The Dean of Student Welfare-Terms and Conditions of     Service,Power and Duties
Statute No.5 Learned Professions
Statute No.6 Meeting of the Court
Statute No.7 Standing Committee of the Acadmic Council
Statute No.8 Other Faculties
Statute No.9 Constitution & Power of the Faculty
Statute No.-10 Board of the Studies
Statute No.11 Power of  the Board of Studies
Statute No.12 Qualifications of Student Members of Board of Studies
Statute No.13 Annual Report
Statute No.14 Honorary Degree
Statute No.15 Registration of Graduates
Statute No.16 Seniority of Teachers of the University
Statute No.17 Seniority of Principals
Statute No.18 Seniority of Heads of Departments in Affiliated Colleges
Statute No.19 Preparation and maintenance of Seniority Lists
Statute No.20 Other Officers of the University-Conditions of Service, Power and Duties
Statute No.21 Functions and Duties of Finance Controller
Statute No.22 Qualifications of Teachers in Affiliated Colleges
Statute No.23 Election of Registered Graduates to the Court
Statute No.24 Election of Student Members to the Court
Statute No.25 Election of Teachers Representatives on the Court
Statute No.27 Admission of College/ Institutions
Statute No.28 College Code
Statute no.29 Appointment of Examiners
Statute No.30 Administration of Endowments
Statute No.31 Conditions of Service for University employees[Refer Clauses(D) and (N) of Section35]
Statute No.32 Building Committee
Statute No.33 Convocation
Statute No.34 Election or Representative of Non-Teaching Employee on the Court Clause(Xx-A)
Statute no.37 Sports Committee
Statute No.39 College Development Council
Statute No.4o Special Statute for Prevention of Ragging in University and Colleges
Statute No.41 The Board of Student’ Welfare
Statute No.42 The Superintending Staff of the Hostel