Maharaja Jiwajirao Library(Central Library)
Vikram University, Ujjain-456010

Dwelling on new digital initiatives the MJ Library cater to the academic interests and research needs of the student and faculy members. Buildup more than 4193.04Sq. M the library is well stocked with over 1,60,856 print books and 4800 back sets of periodicals. 26 news papers and more than 80 electronic media like CDs/DVDs. The library house industry relevant reports, standards, annual reports, magazines, newsletters, etc. An automated set-up with user-friendly portal providing a single point access to e-resources is underway, the Library have a rich collection on various subjects like management, business, technology, pharmacy, sciences, law etc. More than 1400 users are taking advantage of this library annually.

The Library is managed professionally and apart from Lending and Reference services; offer good number of e-info services. The Library and E-Resource Centre plays a proactive role to ensure that the information resources are acquired and organized to meet the present and future needs of its users.
future, and anticipatory.
The MJR Library holds documents predominantly related to management, engineering, computers, information technology, HRM, Marketing, fine arts  and its allied subjects and aims to develop a comprehensive collection of information resources that are useful for academic and research purposes. The Library and E-Resource Centre plays a proactive role to ensure that the information resources are acquired and organized to meet the present and future needs of its users.
Salient Features:
The Central Library-E-Resource Centre has comprehensive information resources that are useful for academic and research purpose. It has a large collection of books, journals, DVDs, etc.
Spread across 4193sq. mtrs. (4 floors) with a seating capacity of approx. 400 persons.
SOUL.2  based Library Automation System is underway.

To support the university in becoming a excellent organisation for education and research in the various discipline
To builds and preserves relevant collections.
To provide effective access to learning resources.
To keep the academic community abreast of the latest developments and to provide them up-to-date information.
To ensure user satisfaction.
To serve as an intellectual commons.
To connect people with information and knowledge in and beyond the library’s collections.
To provide innovative, responsive, and effective services, that will meet the changing needs of the academic community.
To provide a wide range of books, periodicals, e-resources, and other media at appropriate levels for the needs of the university.
To establish excellent  resources and facilities, which will reflect academic and research needs – present, future, and anticipatory.
To coordinate efforts for suitable collection development and reduce unnecessary duplication wherever possible.

The mission of the MJR Library is to support the university to grow as top ranked integrated academic campus by establishing a knowledge hub and to enable access to information resources of all kinds and provide innovative, responsive and effective services to meet the changing needs of the academic community.

The staff and the administration of MJR Library strive for excellence in fulfilling the library’s mission.
To make user-centered decision.
To strive to create a diverse environment of respect and collaboration.
To deploy advanced technologies.
To maximize the utility and capability of resources.

The Vikram University was established on 1st March  1957. The organizational framework Of the Vikram University Library was also started same day in Kamal Villa. But the library was Shifted in its new building(existing MJR Library building) in july 1966. The construction cost of this huge and sprawling building was only Rs. 8,41,488.00. The library having a Carpet area and Build up area of 3628.86Sq M. and 4193.04Sq. M respectively. The university library was called Central Library. The credit for the establishment of MJR Library goes to the University Grant commission and Maharaja Jiwaji Rao Scindhia. So the name of the library was renamed as “Maharaja Jiwaji Rao Library(MJR Library)”. It was founded by the first Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on 11th  November 1959. Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, Dr. Paranjape and Shri Amarnath Jha were the then member of the coordinating committee of MJR Library. The childhood of the library was nurtured under the guidance of Late Professor S. Das Gupta and Late Dr. S.R.Rangnathan the doyen of Library Science in India.

Library Collection

The Library has a rich and rare collection of  1,60,856 books and 4800 back sets of periodicals. It is also receiving 5 magazines and 26 news papers from  different places. Efforts are on this year to increase the journals numbers up to 125. The library also preserves a copy of each thesis approved for the award of Ph.D. degree and M. Phil dissertations adapted by the university for postgraduate degree in different subjects. The MJR Library has procured 2145 Ph.D. theses and 7249 PG dissertations so far. The average number of students using the library is 900 per week approximately and 2,500 information resources come under the issue-return process. It has so far published 22 bibliographies etc. The Library also have a special collection on Father of the Nation M. K.Gandhi and Kabiguru Rabindranath Tegore.

Document Category                                       Number
Books                                                               1,60,856 volumes

Current Journals                                               25680 journals(on line)

Bound Journals                                                4800 bound volumes

PhD Thesis                                                      2145 volumes(Access Abstract)

M.Phil Dissertations                                         7249 volumes(Access Abstract)

CD ROM                                                           80 cds


MJ Library subscribes to a large number of electronic databases. A  OFC LAN is under way which will made available all the databases through campus network in University Campus.  Besides a good number of databases are also accessible through UGC Infonet Digital Library consortium. Kindly click the collection of databases given below in order to access it.

MJLibrary Subscribed E-Resources          UGC Infonet E-Resources           Public Domain E-Resources

Take a virtual tour  to the central library.

Library Rules 

General Rules:

1 .Only members are  allowed to enter the Library.

2. Temporary membership to visit/consult the Library can be obtained through  prescribed form endorsed by the Librarian.

3. Silence shall be observed strictly in the Library.

4.Strict discipline must be maintained in the Library. Indiscipline may lead to
disciplinary action and the library privileges may be withdrawn.

5.  Students shall produce their identity card at the entrance.

6.  Students shall sign in the entry register at the entrance of the Library.

7. Newspapers and Periodicals are issued against Library cards for reading in
the library. Journals will be issued for current reading in the library only.

8. Personal books, files and articles will be allowed inside the Library. The students are advised to take care of their belongings.

9. The visitors are advised not sleep, smoke or spit in any part of the library.

10. Before entering  the library students must switch off their cell phones.

11. Bringing packet foods, drinks, sachet inside the library building is prohibited.

12. The Administration  reserves the right to suspend the membership privilege of any member on account of  misbehaving with the library staff or for indecent behaviour.

Book Issue Rules:

1. The students can obtain their library borrowing tickets on production of  ID card issued by the university. The number of borrowing tickets issued to the students is as follows. One Book will be issued against one Reader’s Ticket.

Library ReadersTickets

University Teachers                            6 borrowing tickets

University/ College students                4 borrowing tickets

University Staff                                   2  borrowing tickets

2. Books other than reference books will be issued to student members on loan for a period of 15 days.

3. Reference books will not be issued; but are available for study within the Library.

4. Tearing of sheets from books and newspapers is strictly prohibited and is punishable.

5. Members must satisfy themselves whether the books are in good condition, before they leave the counter. If any damage is noticed, the same must be immediately intimated. Otherwise they will be held responsible for any damage.

6. Students are required to handle books and reading material very carefully. Marking library books with pencil or ink, tearing the pages or spoiling the same in any other way will be viewed very seriously. In such case, the last borrower  will be held responsible unless he shows the Librarian at the time of issue that the book had been previously marked or damaged. In the event of damage of any kind, the last borrower will be liable to compensate for damage.

7. Reader’s ticket must be renewed every semester/ year as notified.

8. Membership card is non-transferable. Students must not lend their Readers Ticket to any other student to borrow books from the Library. Library facilities will be withdrawn for students misusing cards.

9. In case a student loses his/ her Reader’s Ticket then the student should report the loss of ticket immediately to the librarian and apply for a Duplicate card on the prescribed form available at the Library Counter by paying Rs. 20/- per ticket.

Book Returning  Rules
1.When Books are issued, students should check the pages of the issued books and if pages are found missing, they should report the same to the Librarian before leaving the counter. On returning the books, if pages are found missing, then the last borrower of the book shall be held accountable for the missing pages and shall accordingly be fined.

2. In case a Reader loses a book he/ she should replace the book. In case the book cannot be replaced; Two times of the current price of the book will be paid by the borrower. In case of a foreign publications the present conversion rates of USD, GBP or Euro to Rupees  will be applied.

Fine amount rules:
1. If the students do not return the Library Books on or before the due date stamped on the date slip attached in the book depriving

2. Incase of default in the return of books, Rs.1/- per day per book will be levied as overdue charges. Incase of default in the return of CD-ROM, Rs.5/- per day will be levied. All holidays will be included in arriving at the number of days of overdue.

3. In the event of any book being lost, it shall be replaced by another copy by the concerned and overdue charges will be levied. In case the borrower is unable to replace, twice the cost of the book at present market rate and overdue charges, if any, will be levied from the borrower.
4. Students should return all the books and surrender library borrowing tickets on completion of the year/semester and obtain “No Dues Certificate”.

5. The “No Dues Certificate” will be issued to student only after he/ she has returned all the Library books and cleared all library dues.

Cyberspace Rules – Do not use the computers to do the following:
1. Playing Games & access to worthless web sites is prohibited.
2. Do not hack any password or website. It’s a punishable offence under section 161-4 IT act. Govt. of India.
3. Do not install or uninstall any program or service in any computer. This is only a preserve of the Librarian.
4. If any device of the computer is not working, do not try to fix it. Kindly report to the librarian or to the IT person in charge.
5. You are allowed to use the computer for a time allocated by the librarian. If need be you can be asked to give others opportunity to use the computers.
6. Do not send jobs for printing, it is not allowed within the cyber. If necessary contact the library staff.

Note: Violation of these Rules will call for punitive action against the erring student.

The university library renders services to the entire reading community of the university campus, affiliated colleges. Thus the central library is open for teachers, research scholars, postgraduate and graduate students.

Circulation services
The Newark/Brown system is followed for issue & return of books and journals.

   Inter-Library  Loan services:
Inter-Library loan services are provided on demand by readers by barrowing books from other libraries.

   Reprographic Services:
In the beginning manual photocopying facility was available for the users. At present automatic photocopying facility is available for users.

Current Awareness Services(CAS):

The Library provides current awareness services to the users.

   Selective Dissemination of information services(SDI):
The Library provides SDI services to its users.

   Bibliographical Services:
The Library provides Bibliographical services to its users. The Library has so for publishes 22 bibliographical and current awareness service publication.

Microfilm reading facility:

The library also provides microfilm reading facility for its users.

Broadband Network facility:
The library  provides High speed Broadband (1Gbps) facility to the  users to access other library databases and networks spanning across India.

Past Events- 
The MJR Library organized an one day user awareness programme for its teaching and research clients on 14 th November 2010. Mr          from  Informatics India Ltd. Bangaloru, was the key speaker. On   th  February MJR Library organized an E Resource  awareness programme exclusively for its  Faculty members. A large number of faculty members participated in these 4 hours long audio/video interactive programme.The key speaker in this occasion  was Sumair Nazir Wani, Territory Sales Manager, Informatics (India)Ltd,Bhopal.

Upcoming  Events-
Birth day of Professor S R Ranganathan the doyen of Library Science in India celebrated on 12th August, 2011
Gandhi Jayanti will be celebrated on 2nd October at Trivedi Hall in Library premises.

E – Resource


Right now MJR Library providing OPACLINE called INDCAT under which 123 university libraries holdings are available.


Under JCCC@Infonet about 200000 articles from different fields are subscribed to e-resources. These e-resources covers almost all subject disciplines including arts, humanities, social sciences, physical sciences, chemical Sciences, life sciences, computer sciences, mathematics and statistics, etc. The programme is wholly funded by the UGC and executed by the INFLIBNET (Information and Library Network) Centre, Ahmedabad.


The MJR Library is  providing J-Gate services to its clients. J-Gate is an electronic gateway to global e-journal literature. Launched in 2001 by Informatics India Limited, J-Gate provides seamless access to  millions of journal articles available online offered by 7950 Publishers. It presently has a massive database of journal literature, indexed from  24148 e-journals with links to full text at publisher sites. J-Gate also plans to support online subscription to journals, electronic document delivery,  archiving and other related services.

Providing Science Direct (on request) consist of 10 subjects (1. Biochemistry, Genetics & Mol. Biology, 2.Agriculture & Biological Science, 3.Chemistry 4.Computer Science, 5.Economics, 6.Immunology & Microbiology, 7.Mathematics, 8.Physics & Astronomy, 9.Social Sciences, 10.Psychology) collection (1000+journals titles ) from INFLIBNET Centre, Ahmedabad.

Digital Library Consortium

MJ Library is a member of DLC under which it is getting the following e-publishers


The library also providing IBID (on trial)


The Library also provides a number of  E-Books in Commerce, Management, Science, Technology, Computer Science, English Literature, Social Science and other subjects (on request).

In order automated the library MJR  library procured Soul.2 Library software from Inflibnet, Ahmedabad. Data conversion work already started, soon it will give the library a modern looks with barcode system based book issuing/returning and user idetification based entry.

Best of the Best Websites in Net

Best of the Best sites in different subjects available in Internet, All the sites are ranked by the net users.  Just click the underline hyper links, your computer will automatically open the referred sites.

Virtual Resources                                     Source

English Literature Links:

Internet Directory                                  

Complete works of William Shakespeare

Open Sources on Shakespeare           

Poem Hunter                                        




Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

Hindi Sabdakosh                                   

Hindi Language                                   

Hindi Sahitya



Sahitya Kunj                                     

Hindi Pustak Portal                           


Allma Urdu Cyber Network                 

Urdu Poetry                                         

The World of Urdu Poetry                   

Ghalib’s Urdu Poetry                           


Rastriya Sanskrit Sansthans Magazine List

Russian Language

Learn Russian Language                     

RusLang – Russian Dictionary.            

Learn Russian – Beginning to Advanced

Russian Language Online                    

German Language

German for Beginners: Contents         

How to Learn German Language         

French Language

Learn French online                             

Free French Lessons                            

Learn French Free Online                    

General Science

Specific Search Engine for Sc.Community

Smithsonian Institutes Journal              

National geography                               

Science Daily                                         

Science News Magazine                       

Scientific American                                

New Scientist                                         

NASAs Homesites                                 

NASAs Astrobiology                              

AAASs Eureka Alert                             

BBC Science and  Environment          

Teri The Energy and Resources Institute

Indian Institute of Science                   

Science Direct                                     



It is an electronic publication offering access to a carefully maintained and easily searchable database of reviews, abstracts and bibliographic information for much of the mathematical sciences literature. Over 100,000 new items are added each year




The largest  organisation in Europe for advancing the chemical sciences


E-Molecules: Molecule study              

Dynamic periodical Table                    

Chemistry Educations                         


Physics Newsletter                             


Physics world                                     

Fractal Art                                           

Fully automated electronic archive and distribution server for research papers, hosted at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Customizable source for current news in physics, technology, space, and earth science topics. Includes a weblog.

Plasma Cosmetology                      

Americal Society on advancing Science

Innovation from MIT                         

Online Research Compendium         


The largest abstract and citation database of research literature and quality web sources covering nearly 18,000 titles from more than 5,000 publishers.            

Medical Science 

The Lancet Magazine                     

Indian Drug Journal                        



Wiley online library                        


Encyclopaedia of Life                    

Home of cells alive

Learn about bacteria, parasites, cancer cells and viruses. Learn about how immune cells attack and kill microbes

National Center for Biotech. Information

Bio Visions                                 


Biology Arizona

Its is a virtual umbrella site for many of the biology-related web services offered at the University of Arizona


Co2 Alert Magazine(Global Warming )

Earth Rise Database                   

E Nature                                    

The Living Edens                        

Environment News Network         

Environment News Service          

Exploring Environment                

Ocean Colour News                    


Endangered species                   

Int. Com. on Zoological nomenclature

Magazine on Zoological Sc,



Digital Library for Earth Sys. Education



Indian History                          

Social Science

Indian Council of Social Sc.         

Social Sc Research Network       

Gandhiism                                 httpn <

Comprehensive sites on Gandhiana




The indian National Library

The British Library                       

Library of Congress                     

Open Library                              


E Commerce Times                    


Judgement Information System     


Encyclopaedia Britannica            

Hutchinson Encyclopaedia          

List of E Databases(Open Sources)

List of E Databases

Electronic databases come very handy for searching vast data within a shortest possible time. There are good number of such databases are available on the internet today, which can be accessed free of cost. Please follow the links to get further information.

·Bibliographic Databases 

·Fulltext Databases 

·Statistical Databases 

Bibliographical Databases

Subject Specific:


Asiatic Society Journals Index

Provides access to bibliographic details of articles published in Asiatic Society journals published between 1700 to 1960

INDMED: Index to Indian Biomedical Journals

The ICMR-NIC Centre for Biomedical Information (Indian MEDLARS Centre) has designed and developed a bibliographic database from Indian biomedical literature. To startwith 75 prominent Indian journals, have been selected to build up the database entitled IndMED. The coverage of database is from 1985.

National Law School Library Article Index

Indexes articles from the journals subscribed by National Law School Library,Bangalore. At present it is having around 11,000 records in its database.

Open Index Initiative

Indexes Indian Social Science Journals. Presently under development stage covers selected journals starting from 2003.



AgEcon Search collects, indexes, and electronically distributes full text copies of scholarly research in the broadly defined field of agricultural economics including sub disciplines such as agribusiness, food supply, natural resource economics, environmental economics, policy issues, agricultural trade, and economic development.

Agricultural Online Access (Agricola) 

It is an index to all aspects of agricultural sciences

·AGRIS [International Information System for the Agricultural Sciences and Technology]

AGRIS provides worldwide bibliographic coverage of agricultural science and technology literature. Developed by the AGRIS Co-ordinating Centre, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, AGRIS offers an international perspective on crucial agricultural research. The database coverage is from 1975 till present.

American Society for Civil Engineers CE database

ASCE CEDB Provides Access to over 90,000 bibliographic and abstracted records of its publications. The current coverage is form January 1973-June 2001.

Annual Comprehensive Index Bibliographic Database

The database has approximately 38,818 bibliographic entries. The entries for the period 1976 to 1987 come from INFORMS journals, while for the period 1988 to 2001 they come from a total of approximately 663 different INFORMS as well as non-INFORMS journals. The subjects include operations research, management, computing etc.

Anthropological Index Online

It is an Anthropological Index to Current Periodicals in the the Anthropology Library at the British Museum.

American Chemical Society Free search Database

Gives access to ACS journals’ full text, images, illustrations, halftones, structures, figures and supporting information.

Beilstein Netfire

A bibliograhic database covers 140 Chemistry journals.


It is a bibliographic database that contains more than 1.8 million citations and abstracts from over 4,000 different sources including biomedical journals, proceedings, books, reports, and doctoral theses. The database contains references to cancer literature published from the 1960s.

Center for Airospace Information Technical Report Server(NASA)

The CASI TRS database contains bibliographic citations and abstracts for publicly available aerospace documents, journal articles, and conference proceedings.

Provides access to abstracts of articles published in over 350 journals and 15 databases from a variety of publishers. A number of databases offer structure-based searching and manipulation of molecular structures.

Child Abuse and Neglect Databases

Its document database contains over 32,000 records on child abuse and neglect and child welfare issues.

CIRRIE Database of International Rehabilitation Research

It contains citations relating to rehabilitation research conducted outside of theUnited States. The database is updated monthly. It presently includes citations from 1996 to the present and will eventually include citations from 1990 to the present.

Current Cites (Information Science)

Provides an annotated bibliography of selected articles, books and documents on Information Technology.

Current Index to Statistics

Current Index to Statistics is a bibliographic index to publications in statistics and related fields. The CIS Extended Database (CIS-ED) includes coverage, in most cases from 1974. The free access is available only to the records up to 1994.

DoIS [Documents in Information Science]

DoIS is a searchable database of articles and conference proceedings published in electronic format in the area of Library and Information Science. At the moment it holds about 12908 articles and 3902 papers, 9258 of them are downloable from the site.

Earthquake Engineering Abstracts

Provides access to world literature in earthquake engineering since 1971. The database contains 96,000 abstracts. A maximum of 200 records will be returned on any individual search.

Ecommunics: Personalized Economic Research Community

ECOMMUNICS is the most featureful free economics research platform and network online, with many useful features for economists. It includes paper database from RePEc and other institutions, free compatible weblog, per-paper discussion and rating, free email notification of new papers on specific topics and many community features and discussion possiblities. Registration is required to avail this FREE service.

EEVL Xtra  (Management)

Find articles, key websites, books, the latest industry news, job announcements, ejournals, eprints, technical reports, the latest research in Engineering, Mathematics, and Computing.

Elsevier Health Science Periodicals

It is a portal of Elsevier Health Science periodicals. Here one can search contents of their health science peridicals plus MEDLINE.

ENB Health Care Databases

Health Care Database is a bibliographical database with abstracts for each entry. As at July 2001, the Database contains nearly 55,000 records from UK health care journals since 1986.

·Energy Citations Database <>           <>

Contains bibliographic records for energy and energy-related scientific and technical information from the Department of Energy and its predecessor agencies, the Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA) and the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)of USA. The Database provides access to DOE publicly available citations from 1948 through the present.

ERIC database

ERIC is the world’s largest source of education information, with more than 1 million abstracts of documents and journal articles on education research and practice. The data is available from 1966 onwards.

Evaluation of Web Search Engines

This database is dedicated to gather all scientific literature published in the web about the evaluation of search engines.

getCITED is an online, member-controlled academic database, directory and discussion forum. Its contents are entered and edited by members of the academic community.

Hazordous Chemical Database

This database will allow the user to retreive information for any of 3995 hazardous chemicals or ‘generic’ entries based on a keyword search. Potential keywords include names, formula and registry numbers (CAS, DOT, RTECS and EPA).

Index Morganagus: Full text index of library related electronic serials

Index Translationum: International bibliography of translations

Infotrieve Online Article Finder

Gives access to bibliographic details with abstract on Science and technology. The data coverage is from 1966 to present from over 30000 journals. offers access to article summaries from over 25,000 publications linked to the full text of over 5,200 titles. Full text access is set by each of our 170 publisher partners, but typically individual subscribers, or individuals within institutions that subscribe, can access the full text of their publications for free. Non-subscribers can, for the majority of articles, pay-per-view choosing from electronic, fax or Ariel delivery.

Institute of Physics Journals search

Search for articles appeared in all the journals published by Institute of Physicscan be made. The coverage of database is from 1874 till date. Full text access to current articles is available for registered members at free of cost. Full text articles articles are available in the first 30 days of publication.

Intellectual Property Digital Library

The Intellectual Property Digital Library Web site provides access to various intellectual property data collections currently hosted by the World Intellectual Property Organization. These collections include Madrid, PCT and JOPAL (non-patent reference) data and support fully searchable information retrieval and display by users on demand. The access is free of cost by user name and password as guest.

National Library of Medicine Databases (USA)

NLM provides a wide variety of resources related to the biomedical and health sciences, both past and present. Some important such resources are MEDLINE, Toxnet, Biomedical information, Clinical alerts, etc.

PATH Database

The California PATH Database provides access to the largest and most comprehensive collection of bibliographic information on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

Peeters Online Journals

Allows all users to conduct searches, view tables of contents, and view abstracts for all online journals in theology, classics, oriental studies, archaeology, philosophy, literature and linguistics. Full text is restricted only to subscribers or pay per view facility may be used.

Population Index

It presents an annotated bibliography of recently published books, journal articles, working papers, and other materials on population topics. The coverage is from 1986-2000, containing total of 46,035 citations.

Project Euclid

Project Euclid is a user-centered initiative to create an environment for the effective and affordable distribution of serial literature in mathematics and statistics. Search can be made on contents of 38 journals.

PsycARTICLES <>(Psycology)

PsycARTICLES is an online database containing more than 26,000 entries from 49 peer reviewed journals published by APA and allied organizations from 1988 to the present. Full text articles covered in it are available for price.

Questia: Online library of Books and Journals

It holds an over 45,000 books and 360,000 journal, magazine, and newspaper articles. Search for this database is free, however access to full text of the documents is priced.

Social Psychology Network <>

Social Psychology Network, is a database providing links to more than 12,000 resources related to psychology.

Social Science Research Network e-library

Contains over 34,400 abstracts for papers submitted to SSRN. Also gives access to few full text articles.

TRIP Database

TRIP Database started in 1997 provides search facility with a focus on medical articles considered evidence-based.

Fulltext Databases

Economic History Encyclopedia Index

Search can be made for high quality full articles related the area of Economic and Business History.

Scientific Electronic Library Online [SCIELO]

SciELO – Scientific Electronic Library Online is a model for cooperative electronic publishing of scientific journals on the Internet. Especially conceived to meet the scientific communication needs of developing countries, particularly Latin America and the Caribbean countries, it provides an efficient way to assure universal visibility and accessibility to their scientific literature, contributing to overcome the phenomena known as “lost science”.

Searchable Ornithological Research Archive [SORA]

It is an open access electronic journal archive. The content can be downloaded as pdf or djvu files.

Statistical Databases


Census Information

Provides statistics of All India population totals as per the Census 1991 and Census 2001, India and State maps, etc.

Database on Indian Economy

This databse covers data on financial sector, real sector, financial market, external sector, public finance and corporate finance related to Indian economy. This has been developed by RBI.

Department of Statistics, Govt of India

Broad statistical information like national accounts statistics, energy statistics, consumer expenditure, annual survey of industries, live stock statistics, etc. can be found here. Most of these statistics is brought out by its agencies Central Statistical Organisation and National Sample Organisation. is a commercial site provides information and data on Indian economy. The data type available on this site include statistics related to national income, foreign investment, agriculture, industry, money and banking, balance of payments, population etc.


The information available on database includes banking statistics, industrial statistics, public finance, social sector statistics, census data etc.

Reserve Bank of India

Provides free of cost online access and download to vast amount of data related to banks and banking in India.


Asian Development Bank

ADB gives access to social and economic data of its developing member countries. The type of data includes national accounts, financial accounts, trade, population, labour and employment etc.

Demographic and Health Surveys <>

Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) datasets are available for most countries. The datasets include individual women’s data, household data, men and husband’s data, couple’s data, children data and service availability/facility, etc.


Provides latest and the most complete statistical information on the EU and the zero-zone. The topics include general statistics, economy and finance, population and social conditions, industry, trade and services, agriculture and fisheries, etc. But only the key indicators are available for free of cost.


FAOSTAT is an on-line and multilingual databases currently containing over one million time-series records covering international statistics in the areas of production, trade, food balance sheets, fertilizer and pesticides, land use and irrigation, forest products, fishery products etc. At a time, maximum 1000 records on any topic of different combinations can be downloaded from their site free of cost.

Global Statistics      `

Globall Statistics deals with statistics on the human population. The main kind of data you can find here is on the population of regions, countries, provinces and cities. Next to that there are some statistics on economic factors like wealth, infrastructure, etc.

Indian District Database

Indian district database provides district-level data from census and agricultural sources between 1961 and 1991.


InfoNation is an easy-to-use, two-step database that allows you to view and compare the most up-to-date statistical data for the Member States of the United Nations.

International Database (IDB)

It is a computerized data bank containing statistical tables of demographic and socioeconomic data for 227 countries and areas of the world.

International Labour Office

ILO database (LABORSTA) on labour statistics covering economically active population (data since 1945) employment, unemployment, hours of work, wages, labour cost, consumer prices, occupational injuries, occupational accidents, and strikes and lockouts (data since 1969) of different countries of the world. Also gives access to one more database, which contain data on ‘Economically Active Population, 1950-2010’ of different countries of the world.


It is a central data source and a handy way to graphically compare nations. NationMaster is a vast compilation of data from such sources as the CIA World Factbook, United Nations, World Health Organization, World Bank, World Resources Institute, UNESCO, UNICEF and OECD.

Penn World Data

Provides online access statistics covering 28 key variables on all the major world economies, from 1950 to 1998.


StatBase provides access to a comprehensive set of key statistics drawn from the whole range of official United Kingdom government data sets. Topics covered include population, income, balance of payments, birth and death rates, consumer expenditure, marriage and divorce rates, economic activity, employment and unemployment, education and training, etc.

Times Series Data Library

It is a collection of about 800 time series, drawn from many different fields viz. Agriculture, Crime, Finance, Health, Labor market, Macroeconomics, Production, etc.


UNESCO gives access to its data sources on education, literacy, science and technology and culture and communication of different countries of the world.

United Nations

United Nations provides data on different countries. Its data sources include social indicators, population statistics, and monthly bulletin of statistics.

USA and Canada Trade Data Online

Trade Data Online provides access and the ability to generate customized reports on Canada’s and U.S. trade with over 200 countries. The data types include imports, exports, trade balances by product and industry.

USAID Global Education Online Database 2000

GED Online provides education data in two ways. Users can select a single indicator for multiple years and multiple countries by clicking on one of the bulleted groups of indicators under the UNESCO or DHS headings.

World Bank

World Bank provides national statistics for countries and regions and country profiles of all its member countries pertaining to the aspects of agriculture, education, environment, finance, health, population, urban and social development etc.

World Crime Statistics

United Nations World Crime Surveys of Crime Trends and Criminal Justice data sets are available here. Data is available in ASCII, Lotus 123, and SPSS formats.

World Health Organization <>  

WHO provides access statistics from its statistical system ‘Whois’. The data types can be accessed from their databases are on mortality, basic health indicators, HIV/AIDS, statistical data from world health report, population etc.

World Trade Organization

WTO provides online access to many of its data sources, which include international trade statistics, annual reports and trade policy reviews.

World Tourism Organization

WTO Data Base covers statistics on international outbound tourism, international inbound tourism, and tourism indicators covering a wide variety of tourism trends.

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